The way to a man's heart goes through his stomach. With these chocolate hearts made of dates you can score points with your loved ones visually and in terms of taste.

Recipe: Nut corners

Delicious nut corners for winter enjoyment. With chocolate border made from date chocolate.
Delicious Marzipan-like balls with Tigernuts for the Christmas season! With the natural sweetness of dates
What could be scarier than baking a few witch fingers on Halloween. In addition, they are very tasty and perfect for every Halloween party.
Start the day with a lot of enjoyment in the morning with a delicious nougat spread. Easy and fast to prepare.
Chocolate fudge. With good certain enjoyment. Vegan and without sugar.

Recipe: Cereal bars

Vegan cereal bars. Quick and easy without baking.
Juicy and delicious brownies without baking. Vegan and sugar free.
Delicious chocolate chia pudding to make yourself. Without refined sugar and quickly prepared.
Delicious chocolate pudding to make yourself. Without refined sugar. Prepared quickly and easily.
Recipe to fall in love with. Delicious recipe for Valentine's Day
Delicious speculoos biscuit with chocolate cream filling.

Recipe: Gingerbread

Homemade gingerbread without refined sugar!
Delicious walnut chocolate cookies. Perfect for a delicious and healthy Christmas time.
Vegane Schoko Nuss Trüffel ohne raffinierten Zucker. Mit leckeren Haselnüssen und Datteln. Jetzt genießen.

Recipe: Chocolate Crispy

Crispy chocolate biscuits made from oatmeal and dried fruit.
Delicious Brazil nut date confection. Prepared in just 5 minutes.
What is the main difference between dates and refined sugar? Because both contain sugar ?!
Delicious zucchini chocolate cake with delicious sweet potato chocolate cream. Completely without additives and refined sugar.
Delicious chocolate ice cream with only 4 ingredients and free of additives and refined sugar.
Delicious date paste to sweeten your favorite foods as an alternative to refined sugar.
Delicious vanilla ice cream encased in crunchy date chocolate on a stick without any refined sugar.

Recipe: Chocolate ice cream

Delicious chocolate ice cream with only 4 ingredients and free of additives and refined sugar.

Recipe: Strawberry cream

A delicious strawberry cream with the sweetness of fresh strawberries and dates and the creaminess of yogurt
Delicious chocolate banana bread: The bread is sweetened only with bananas and dates.
Dates taste sweet and delicious. You don't need more reasons. We still found a few good reasons why you should eat dates!

Recipe: Date Plums "Jam"

Fruit spread with sweet dates and plums - without refined sugar!
Chocolates made of dates with only 4 ingredients and also without refined sugar!

Recipe: Date-Banana-Brownies

Delicious brownies! With dates and bananas. And the special thing about it is that you do not need any refined sugar!
Cocoa, oatmeal and nettles - what do these three have in common?
... Right, they are good iron suppliers! :)

Recipe: dominoes

Delicious dominoes to enjoy for the pre-Christmas period.

Recipe: Vegan Date Cookies

Simple and tasty - sugar-free and vegan. Date cookies with 3 ingredients made in a few minutes.
Simple and tasty - sugar-free and vegan. Homemade chocolate mousse with two ingredients in just 10 minutes.
Iron deficiency often leads to tiredness and poor concentration. Women in particular have to struggle with it. Chocolate can actually solve this problem.

Is Sugar Really Harmful?

Why is sugar everywhere? Why doesn't anything taste good without it? Can I eat sugar? Now there is clarity!

Organic vs. conventional

There was a time when everything was organic. Is genetic engineering in the sense of health or money? What should I support and why?