Recipe: Date paste for sweetness

What do you sweeten your morning breakfast or your yogurt with for dessert? Hopefully with dates!

If you don't always want to use whole dates right away, the best alternative is simply to make your own date paste, which you can then add to your dishes as desired and thus get the optimal sweetness. All you need are dates, water and a blender.

The paste can now be used to sweeten yogurt, cakes, smoothies or cereals. Dates are not only healthy as an alternative sweetener. They also contain many B vitamins and minerals. So you can treat yourself with a clear conscience!

JeDepending on the type you use, the paste will change the taste. However, all types from Medjool to Deglet Nour or the Mazafati date are suitable. We used Mazafati dates.

So, let's go!



• 250g pitted dates 

• water



1. Place the dates in a bowl and fill them with water until the dates are completely covered.

2. The dates must now be soaked for approx. 1-2 hours. 

3. Then put the dates together with approx. 100ml of the soaking water in a blender and puree.

If you want the paste to be a little thicker, just use less water.

The best way to store the date paste is in the fridge, so that it lasts for at least 1 week - or even longer. Alternatively, you can freeze it, then it will last you much longer.

Have fun copying and enjoying!

Your MAKRi Team


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