Recipe: Date Plums "Jam"

Date-plums "jam"! But you shouldn't even say jam, because since the 80s only jams made from citrus fruits can be called jams according to the jam regulation in germany. The minimum amount of citrus fruits for 1 kg of finished product is only 200g. I.e. the rest - 800g - can also be refined sugar.

Since we generally do not use any refined sugar and no citrus fruits are used in this recipe, we simply call it a fruit spread. 

You can do the fruit spread with any other fruit instead of plums. Depending on how sweet you like it, you can use more or less dates for the fruit spread. It also depends on how sweet the plums or other fruits are. 

So, let's go!



·  200g dates (preferably a soft variety such as Medjoul, Mazafati or Sukkari)
·  400g plums
·  Agar Agar or another vegetable gelling agent



1. Puree the dates and plums or put them in a blender. To make it easier for the mixer, you can also add a little water. 

2. Then put the mixture together with the gelling agent (quantity according to package instructions) in a saucepan and slowly heat with constant stirring.

3. Heat for approx. 5 - 10 minutes and bring to the boil at least once. 

4. The fruit spread can then be filled into glasses. Fill to the brim and then seal airtight. And then let it cool.

Tip: Rinse the glasses with hot water beforehand so that they do not shatter when filled with the hot liquid!

The fruit spread is ideal for the breakfast roll. The fruit spread can be stored in the jars for at least half a year, although it probably won't last that long ;)

Have fun copying and enjoying!

Your MAKRi Team


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