What distinguishes dates from refined sugar?

"Dates also contain sugar." We often hear this sentence in a personal conversation. And the answer is: yes! For 100g dried dates contain approx. 66g carbohydrates, which are divided 50/50 into glucose and fructose.

And why should dates be so much healthier than refined sugar?

The main difference between dates and refined sugar is that dates are not refined. This means that they are not subjected to a complex process in which the sugar is extracted from the original product (sugar beet, sugar cane).

Because the date remains untreated, it still contains its vitamins, minerals and fiber. And this is where the dates unfold their full potential: Because there are about 9g of fiber per 100g of dried dates. These are important for digestion and ensure that the carbohydrates enter the bloodstream much more slowly and that the insulin level does not rise as much. Thus the energy is delivered evenly.

In addition, dates contain many important B vitamins, which play an important role in carbohydrate metabolism and thus energy generation, as well as for the nervous system.

Potassium and copper are two important minerals that are contained in dates. Potassium, for example, is responsible for maintaining normal blood pressure. And copper is needed for the formation of hemoglobin (red blood pigment).

Dates have been around for thousands of years 

The special thing about dates is not only the sweetness and the excellent taste, but also the many important vital substances that the body needs.

In countries such as Egypt, Tunisia, Israel, etc., the date has been cultivated for several thousand years and is an absolute staple in many countries. The date is by no means a new product, but a long-established food.    

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