you want to become a reseller?


Do you work in a organic market or a health food store and would like to offer your customers the MAKRi date chocolate? 

What you can expect from us


#1 Enthusiastic customers

The MAKRi date chocolate has already sparked enthusiasm in many people because it allows you to enjoy chocolate with a good conscience. And that without refined sugar and only with selected organic ingredients. 

#2 Exclusivity

Organic products can often also be found in conventional retail markets. We want to strengthen the specialist trade and thus you. That is why we offer you and your colleagues from the organic and health food industry the exclusivity of MAKRi chocolate. The first point of contact for customers will be your market.  

#3 Support

We would like to support you in selling date chocolate. By making POS displays and information flyers available to your store. You are also happy to receive tasting goods for your customers to try. 



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